Beyond two alphabets

There are so many things in life that we all make the mistake of taking for granted. Simply following the herd, I took something for granted too. The liberty and comforts of a classroom!
I’m a Chartered Accountant by profession and since I recently qualified, I had to complete a 15 day course of the CA institute to get membership. Completely routine stuff. But what I didn’t understand 15 days back, I do now, as I’m travelling back home today. It was probably the last time ever that I was going to be in a classroom, with fellow students or peers, devoid of the work pressure at workplaces. Where no one will judge you if you show up late or won’t be fired cause the markets are taking a toll for the worst.
I’m sure many of us will pursue further studies and those who get the chance to be in a class setting again, I already am a little envious! We all want to make great careers and everything, but let’s face it. The world out there is brutal and there are going to be times, when we would crave to be back to the luxury of a classroom, when the only thing that bothered us was the A/C temperatures or a boring professor. I won’t stop learning, I know, but I’ll miss this feeling of being a student. This was a time to have fun and I’m glad to have met some really amazing people. I don’t know if I’m ever going to see any of them again, but I certainly hope that atleast some of us do, even years later.
The first time I attended this 15 day course, I made some friends for life. However, my only regret for these last 15 days is that I wish I could mingle with my batch mates a little sooner, than I did. But now it’s over and I’ll have to live with it. But whatever few memories I’ve made there, they’re going to stay with me for a long long time to come.
To everyone whose reading this, all I want to say is that never take anything for granted. Be it people or  relationships; cause we humans tend to take everything that we love, especially; for granted. And then there’s no going back.
Now as I look back to my student life, I truly believe that it’s the best phase for a person to thrive and develop, and this end marks the beginning of a new book of this journey called life. Nonetheless, we can still continue to grow and be our best selves.
Standing at these crossroads, like most of us, I too am facing a dilemma, scared too, wondering what the future beholds. Hoping to make a difference and leave a mark, so that when people talk of me, they are able to see beyond the two sacred alphabets.
They say “we are not who we are destined to become but what we decide to be.” Achieving this milestone is only the beginning for a beautiful tomorrow and I know we’ll make it. We’ll turn our dreams into plans and our plans into reality!


17 thoughts on “Beyond two alphabets

  1. I am so proud of u.i always use to think i wanted to write,use to write also during college days but could not pen down in the right positive always,god has stored surprises for everybody,same for u also.never lose hope even if some big mishaps come because u know very well that after a dark night,there is a new begining
    Cheer always and keep writing .we are there always with u


  2. Shruti, every phase of life is important and a joyful one, but we always feel that childhood was so good, school days were marvellous and so on. We must enjoy whatever we are doing, enjoy each moment. Past is gone, future is unknown but life is present, it is a present to all of us, so have a gala time. Shruti, you write very well. Keep writing. God bless u.


  3. Yes Shruti we always miss our studentship but life at work place is also very interesting I am sure u will meet interesting people there too and I am also sure u will get many chances to get classroom fun again. Keep writing its very interesting.


  4. I feel like keep on reading n reading whatever u write….so proud of u ! Will always be waiting to read for something next to come up from ur end…. πŸ™‚


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