Lost…..still not found💭

Enchanted. That’s exactly what I felt right at that moment when the early rays of the rising sun dawned on me as I slept in one country and woke up into another. I have watched the sun rise from various places before, what from the Himalayas or the southernmost tip of Kanyakumari to right from my own bedroom! But this! It was mesmerising. Above the clouds at 35000ft, it felt like I owned it. I literally could feel myself hearing “Aaj mai upar, aasman neeche” from somewhere inside my head! The golden pink hues in the sky marked the most beautiful beginning of my first travel abroad.


Naturally, my excitement knew no bounds as I landed on the world’s best airport and the Lion city of Singapore. As I journeyed through the different cities, one thing became perfectly clear, something that I always thought about and was now having a first hand experience at it. People everywhere are basically the same. They have the same instincts, similar culture, the way they offer prayers to their God, everything. And yet we see racism and intolerance towards other religions. I always found it a moot point to fight over and now I even find it funny. Everyone worships and has the same devotion for their God, just the manner of showing it is different. I wonder why is it so difficult to accept these differences. Well that is a topic to discuss for another time.
Inspite of the frequent heat waves, the zeal to see the unknown land had taken complete control and led me to each destination. Now I like to call myself a travel enthusiast or a wanderlust, although I’m yet to see so many places. The touristy, the not so touristy ones especially, I want it all!! I’m here with a tour group and as much as I wish I could travel alone and really explore the cities, I am trying to do it in whatever way I can.
It is amazing how us humans can connect with each other even in the most bizarre situations, we might not understand each other’s language and yet there is a strange connect. We know we might not even see these people ever again and yet we find our strings attached. This is the power of the one language that everyone speaks, the language of love, of smiles, of laughs!
We Indians usually have a so called “craze” for the foreigners visiting our country. So whenever we see some of ’em, a few super zealous beings surround them for pictures. I mean that is so typically Indian, isn’t it? That’s what we urbanized people call it right! But as much as you may find it hard to believe, it is true nevertheless that when our tour group was in Kuala Lumpur (again a perfect combo of nature and technological advancement) a group of Chinese tourists was so excited to see Indians that they wanted to click pictures with them. Not so “typical” now, is it?
Now like I mentioned earlier, I like to call myself a travel enthusiast I want to see the world but there are obviously certain places that are on the things to do before you die list 😛 And I swear I couldn’t have been more happier as I can now gladly strike off one place from that list, Bali❤


It had me dazzled before I could even land. Its vast stretch of picturesque beaches to heritage culture to the mind boggling artistic works to dangerous volcanoes, this island offers you all.  One of the most peculiar things I found about this island province was its magnificent skies. One could almost believe that someone painted those beautiful clouds up there, as if to watch over its people, almost angelic.
While I was at it, having the time of my life, I longed for time to take a pause cause who wants a vacation to end, eh, and return to normalcy where nothing seems exciting except for the weekly dose of vampires and everything supernatural? But that’s how it rolls and just like a dark night, every good thing comes to an end too. It is said that your time away from your busy life gives you a different perspective to see things in your life and I’d wished for the same too. But as I come back, I still am in the same dilemma as I was in before, more so even. What am I going to do? How am I going to build a name for myself? Will things work out for me at all the way I want them to? Most importantly, am I Ready to jet start my career? What’s holding me back? I thought I’ll get my answers while in Mother Nature’s crest, but l am still crippled with all the fear and desperation that comes with these questions.


8 thoughts on “Lost…..still not found💭

  1. U knw Shruu every time I read ur articles….makes me mesmerize !!!! Superb flow u have in ur writing which touches d reader’s heart !!!! Lovely and keep it up……wana read more n more of u !!!!!


  2. Waah meri Writer
    I m speechless and with similar thoughts as you
    I guess we have a writer coming up in our family


  3. Really true,though cultures are different we feel connected to each other .visiting different places and seeing the beauty of nature is really amazing .every new place leaves a mark of the things,people and nature in our heart and makes us also a more matured person.love u .do keep writing


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