Sapne to sab dekhte hai, Par un sapno ki udaan kitne log bhar pate hai? πŸ‘ΌπŸ’­

So recently I watched this amazing movie: Nil Battey Sannata(guys you should seriously go watch this movie. And no I’m not receiving any commission for this!) The story is of a poor but extremely hard working mother whose only dream in life is to educate her daughter so that she doesn’t have to work as a “bai” one day and that of a daughter who believed that to dream; was only something that the rich could afford. She was going to become a “bai” like her mom, she knew it and so, never studied. But you know how moms are, right? Once they determine to do something, not even the Almighty can stop it! So this mom, Chanda starts going to the same school and study for the matriculate exam(she failed in this exam in her yesteryears) in hopes of her daughter Appu(Apeksha) getting motivated to study. Not only she overcame the social stigma that follows with a mother going to a school and studying but she also worked day and night when she was not at school so she could earn enough to afford a nice education to support Appu’s future. To top it all, Appu was agitated by her mom’s decision and couldn’t see the silver lining to this whole arc that was developing in her life; that would be life changing for both of them!
Now working hard for your child’s future is not unusual but to go to such lengths, is. If truth be told, Appu was Chanda’s only dream and she could not just be a passive witness to her daughter’s aimless journey of a life.
In the course of our lifetime, our parents make a lot of sacrifices to make us what we become. And they do so without expecting anything in return. Now where do we get that kind of unconditional love? I’m sure most of us would have had this talk with our parents cause I sure have had them with my mom: look kid, as a child I had so many dreams and desires but our parents couldn’t afford it and I never complained but I persevered so that my kids would never have to face the same fate. I see my dreams manifest in you and nothing gives me so much pleasure as seeing you beam with happiness! But maybe you’ll understand this when you become a mom yourself.
And maybe we will understand the full depth then, someday. But can we not thank them today with all our hearts for all that they’ve done for us and will continue to do till their last breath? Can we not be grateful for all those times when they gave us food first knowing nothing might be left for them after that? Can we not be humble enough to spend some quality time with them today(for all those times they didn’t think about their enjoyment and made sure we got a better childhood than them) so we don’t regret when someday they are not around? Cause honestly, they don’t want our money. All they want is for us to lead a nice, fulfilled life and some of our time. So next time when you are with them, just take few minutes from your phones or laptops and talk to them( anything; a simple how was your day!) and see that million dollar smile on their faces! It’s priceless!
At times, we feel our parents pushed their dreams and wishes upon us and compelled us into doing what they wanted to do in the first place! But that’s where we are missing the point. They only want us to dream; to dream big and work our asses off to achieve it. Because there is no bigger a loser than a person with no dream in life.
Now I am a Chartered Accountant and a CA is expected to be the master of audit and taxation. But I never was and never will be! Cause that was never my intention. A CA studies so many subjects, I don’t understand why his/her’s life should revolve around only these two! And that is my dream. I want to be an equity analyst and a writer too(maybe someday  I’ll write a book or two, eh ;))and although it’s not easy( who said life was easy anyway?) and there are times when I feel like shit as I’ve been sitting home jobless for so long; it is only my mom and dad who give me the strength to rise each time I fall, the courage to pick myself up when I feel low.
So dream. Just like your parents envisioned a dream:YOU. Because parents are the only people who have no selfish interest in your success and who will do everything in their power to help you make your dream come true. Just like Apeksha who is now ready to become an IAS officer and it was only possible because her Chanda had the guts to do something unique!

In life, you will always find people who would turn a blind eye to what you have to say, mock you for what are your passions and what drives you. It’s best to let go of them and move on and do what you gotta do. Cause whatever you do, the thing that’s most important is that you are happy; the thing that gives you most satisfaction. It could be anything, from working a 9-5 job or being a creative artist, or something as simple as gardening! Never let anyone burn out that flame in you!  Chanda rightly says: “Sapne to zarur dekhne chahiye. Aur jo tumhare sapne ka mazak uadye use keh do bhaad me jaayio! Lekin jo tumhare sapne ko samjhe, use hamesha gale se lagakar rakhiyo! ”
Cause only when you dream, will it turn to a desire, a desire to a longing yearn and when a human yearns for something, he/she will leave no stone unturned to achieve it!

So what did we learn today? “Dream.” Warna Nil Battey Sannata(Humara kuch nai ho sakta)

PS: Mother’s day is just around the corner and I don’t need a special day to tell my mom I love her cause I do so everyday. But what I really want to say is that “mommy, thank you for allowing me to be my own person even when at times you don’t approve of that person! Thank you for allowing me to dream and inspiring and motivating me each day to achieve it even when I least expect to get closer to my dream. I’m so grateful to you for believing in me when even a small task like making a coffee seems like a dream? Thank you for all the times I lashed out on you and you showered your love all the same.”

Happy Mother’s Day ❀


10 thoughts on “Sapne to sab dekhte hai, Par un sapno ki udaan kitne log bhar pate hai? πŸ‘ΌπŸ’­

  1. You will surely become writer one day Shruti 😘😘😘 proud of u ☺️☺️ Keep it up keep it up ☺️☺️☺️


  2. Superb writing shruti.. Keep it up πŸ˜‰ (p.s. I have already forwarded ur cv in an equity research company. So u wont be jobless for long 😜)


  3. Super Duper and Very well written….. Just Amazing….. I can see that writer is now getting ready to write a book at least accepting that one day you will write….. Waiting for that and to buy that first copy of your book….. Keep Writing Keep Sharing and Keep Rocking…..


    I MEAN are you really our lil Shruti…
    So much depth
    I m speech less as I do relate to this somewhere


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