The light at the end of the tunnel β›…

Everyone keeps talking about living in the moment. “Seize the moment”. ” Live it like it’s the last you’ll ever live “. And while that sounds totally convincing and true too; how many of us have the balls to actually do that? I’m afraid if any of us ever do. Have you known someone who doesn’t really give a damn about anything( the past, present or the future) whatsoever? Cause I surely haven’t. Everyone has some or the other worry in life, some battles to be fought. Some are apprehensive if they’ll ever make it big, for some it’s the huge cash they’re sitting on; while for some it’s something as simple as to what to make for dinner or someone who’s wondering if they’ll ever see their beloved again. Then there are those, for whom worrying is second nature and are always having a frown of worry on their forehead. I know all these kinds of people and I even know some care free people ( whom I really admire by the way) but even they, are not fully free from this vicious circle of tension. Now I’m not saying that I am any better than all these people. At times, I become my worst enemy and act anxious like an ocean in the storm!The gruelling question about my future, at this point, honestly gives me nightmares and I am not even exaggerating.
Everyone tells me to live in the moment and things will fall in place. But what is this ” live in the moment”? It seems to me like a requiem of a dream, right now. How long is one supposed to supposedly “live” each moment and you just watch like a helpless spectator while the world passes by. Is such a life even worth living? We try to find meaning into everything we do or that happens to us. What if there comes a time when life stops meaning altogether? How is one supposed to get out of that?
I know I’m sounding like someone who has lost all hope and is just going through the motions like that of a scripted destiny. And not moving away from the truth, the second part is most definitely true. And while I seem like a person without hope, I am convinced it’s the only thing that’s worth living for. Just yesterday I was talking to a friend whom I jokingly address as “hope”less because she seems to have just given up on people, things, life! She says there’s no such thing as hope and I really wish to make her see otherwise. You might ask why?
Because –  
Seeing beyond those dark clouds at the silver lining is what makes us most human. For other beings are not gifted with the ability to  “think” and unfortunately just go through life. There might be some who’ll contradict but well, yeah. I’m not saying animals don’t know love and affection like we do. Sure, they do. In fact, the way an animal can love us, is beyond beautiful. And they’re lucky to not have to deal with this worldly life.
Sorry, where was I?
Yes, humans are gifted with the ability to think and hope and I do hope.

It’s the only thing that keeps me going out there everyday and “live”. Maybe not in the moment, but yes I am living and as I am writing this down, there is a smile on my face because whatever the brutal facts about my reality right now, I know I shall prevail in the end. That I’ll make it through. Because I HOPE.


7 thoughts on “The light at the end of the tunnel β›…

  1. Shruti, everything is in mind. One has to control it and train the mind to only think positively. We can put in all the efforts to get something but thats not it, there are many many factors in play that makes ΓΎhings happen and that could be in our favour or not. We, the humans, have the free will to choose our response, and either get depressed or take it in our stride and be ready to face the world. So, be happy and cheerful always.


  2. Let me tell you a small story:
    Interviewer to Criminal: which is the worst place you have been? Prison or Jail?

    Criminal: My mind.

    This above small dialogue i told you is just to reflect my understanding of reading Shrimad Bhagvat Gita 3 times.

    Its all in the head. All you have to do is control. It rather that it controlling you. Now i know its fucking hard. But thats what the whole jist of living life is. It is to control your mind and to think and act the way you want it rather vice versa.

    Maybe i sound like a Baba (please don’t imagine Ramdev Baba now) but then in the above post you seemed to have been lost. Living in the moment can be done better by training your mind to be astonished all the time. What i mean to say is that you just train your brain to be surprised at every single moment that is happening in your life & trust me you’ll be way too happier than you are.

    Do let me know if your opinion differs. I am anyways available on whatsapp πŸ˜›


    1. Hahaha thanks Vikalp and I couldn’t agree more with you but what I wrote was only to say what actually goes on in my mind and many times, in most of our minds too. Nevertheless, what you just is something I try to implementing and others do too but at times it’s difficult to look beyond what’s holding you back! Thanks for that inspiring short story! πŸ™‚


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