Can the world still find love and peace? 

So while the whole world is going crazy over Nintendo’ genius of a game, “Pokémon Go”, and are leaving no stone unturned to catch these cute little digital creatures ( who I love too, by the way), I came across this article just a few days ago; and it is so powerful that it kind of haunts me when I’m left alone with my thoughts. 

There’s no single person who isn’t aware of the terrible state of affairs in Syria; terrible being a major understatement really. You must be wondering what has Pokémon Go got anything to do with Syria? But as you might not know, there is a campaign going out there in Syria where photographs of little kids holding printouts of our cute digital little creatures captioned ” Save me, I’m here in Syria” are put up at some locations and circulated on the internet by their Revolutionary Forces of Media office. 

And when I saw those pictures, my heart went out to those children, for they were not supposed to live like this. None of them! And what is more sad than that is the fact that the rest of the world is just oblivious to what’s going on there cause we are sitting in our own comfortable little cocoons. As long as it doesn’t hurt us, we just feel sad about it for some time and then it’s over! I’m not saying that by writing this, I am going to make much difference but I do know this. Some of you might change your perspective on things. 

Because no amount of problems in our lives can ever be as big as their’s. And why look for something like this so far when you can see a similar plight of children so close to home in our own country. These kids in Kashmir are no better than those in Syria. They have witnessed what no child should ever have the misfortune to see and yet they have, living in constant fear and desperation. Feeling helpless when their fathers and brothers are killed or worse, executed; when their mothers and sisters are tormented in ways we can’t imagine. 

While we are moving on with our lives and worrying about petty things that go wrong with us, there are these people who don’t even know if they will live to see the next minute.

Tears welled up in my eyes when I saw those pictures but even as I write this, I know that as an individual I might not be able to do anything for them, except that I pray for them. So at least let us all do what we can, pray? And maybe in some way implore those in power, those who can bring a change and stand up against these breed of vile animals who do not deserve to be called human beings. Let us all join our hands and pray for their well being today; for a change, and not just ours. It is time for a collective action by the world’s governments against this. It is said that our energies are received by the universe and it gives us back what we give, two-fold. So let us all think and give out these energies of compassion and love and peace and harmony, cause I believe we all could use a little more of that in times of all the chaos and melancholy and violence and annihilation that surrounds us.



2 thoughts on “Can the world still find love and peace? 

  1. Shruti…the articulation is good. Few thoughts. I feel it is almost utopian. So question to you is, can we find love and peace? The cynic in me is may be not fully convinced; not specific to Syria or the struggles of people closer at home, if we enter this utopian state, what is our motivation to get up and get going? At some level, we yearn to be heroic. Finding love and peace is at best a pursuit. But hey, this is just me!! 🙂


    1. I agree to a certain extent with you, you know. But we all know we will never really be able to achieve the ultimate utopian state as you said. But I believe while we still can, why not at least try to find it? After all, living in a world like this, there is only so much that people can endure and if we all unite in solidarity, there would still be love and peace in spite of the chaos, but yes that’s right, at some point, we all yearn to be heroic and many are driven to live just by that idea. I don’t know if that really answers your question though 🙂


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