Second chances..

​​​So I was just flipping through channels and wishing really hard that I get to watch some nice chick flick or romcom and lucky me! “Seventeen Again” was on. And why would I not rewatch it? Zac Effron looks❤ and who doesn’t want to see our dear Mr. Bing(Mathew Perry) on our TV screen if only for a little while? 

So for those who don’t know, the story revolves around this really unhappy guy Mike who is really just a loser in life (or so he thinks) and is at the verge of getting a divorce cause like every male chauvinist, he thinks his wife is the reason for all his failures and makes a wish to get a second chance at life. Who knew the next day he would wake up as his own seventeen year old self stuck in high school with his own children? (Funny how they come up with such plots, eh?) But what’s not funny is the fact that he needed to go back to his younger self to realize he didn’t want a second chance at life but a second chance with his wife, to make it up to her for all the 20 years he spent being angry and resentful.

Now that was just a movie. But there are plenty of us who would probably give anything to just have a second chance to alter the course of their life, me included.  Probably to say some things differently or speak those unspoken words that would otherwise just get lost in time like they have today! But now these are just words, well kept secrets or maybe some desires kept hidden deep into one of the many drawers in our hearts. Our life is made up of many such “What if” moments. So how do we give ourselves a closure from them? Of course we are not capable of screwing up with time lines unless we are Barry Allen 😜 (*takes a bow for the reference :p *)

So why not take life as it comes? And coming from a person who has never taken spur of the moment decisions( at least not that I remember😕), why not listen to our hearts and do what it wants NOW? Paulo Coelho rightly said,” Listen to your heart while you still can.” I am probably sounding a little hypocritical here because I remember speaking about how I didn’t get how people talk about seizing the moment and that’s not really practical. 

But I guess that’s what is development, right? Because life is not made up of all the big things but all these small moments of joy, of pure satisfaction and love. 
And then; maybe just then we wouldn’t ever feel the need to change our past. We would be comfortable with all there was, is and all that’s going to be. And maybe then; just then, can we become a better version of ourselves. The one that’s comfortable in their own skin. The one that is only love and compassion and empathy. And although this might sound a little too utopian, aren’t we all striving to have our own little imperfectly perfect world? 

Juliet correctly said in one of her letters ( yes I’m referring to the movie 😜) ( Go ahead, call me a movie buff I don’t mind 😉), “What and If are as non-threatening as words could be. But when put side by side, they have the ability to haunt us forever.” 

So why voluntarily give so much power to these two words when we can weild all the power there is, within us? We just got to find the courage to embrace it ☺


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