​Is love really lost? Or maybe not…πŸ’­

Very recently I had a discussuon with my siblings and it led me to think :

Whenever you ask a married couple “Hey, how is your married life treating you?”, we usually get this answer , You know what? They lied. I’d rather I had not married. Life would have been so much easier. I am the only one who suffers the most, who compromises.” 

And you know that love is lost when little adjustments you make to smoothen your relationship are being called ” compromises.” I mean what relation does not need adjustments to be made? Some a little less and some a little more? Why suddenly after marriage, all one sees is the obligation that follows but disregards the togetherness that you receive and which must be cherished? Sure, you do feel grateful to be together but you only admit that behind closed doors. In the secrecy of those four walls, you proclaim you are lucky to have him/ her by your side. But why does it hurt so much to do the same when a third person asks you how does it really feel to be married? Sure you have your ups and downs and some times you really would have been better off without having that “tag” of being married. But will it hurt if for once you even said how happy your partner makes you feel? That even when they gave you a cold shoulder you’d rather have their shoulder to cry on than anyone else’s in the world? Why is it so easy to speak out the miseries of life in a breath but so darn difficult to say that,” yes, I’m lucky to have this person. He/she strives to make me a better person every day when I wake up and I’d rather wake up a little annoyed next to them than waking up peacefully alone.” 

The love between those two people isn’t lost or maybe is it? There are so many details that need to be given priority like your ration needs, your bills, taking care of your parents, your kids, securing a future. And these two people who took vows of loving each other and being together in sickness and in health till death to them apart, are now leading lives that are only meant to fulfil their duties. But what about them? Their love, has it really disappeared? Or it only does really drown into this ocean of responsibilities? Usually, it’s the latter. Which is why it becomes so essential to express your love for your partner. Yes, “Express”. Because sometimes ” I love you” is not enough and you need to do a little more than that.

So don’t waste a minute because with each passing moment, you are letting your life pass you by. 

Go tell your beloved how much you love them and how grateful you are to have them. But also once in a while, even hold your loved one’s hand in front of a crowd and tell them that he/ she is the best thing that ever happened to you. πŸ’Ÿ


6 thoughts on “​Is love really lost? Or maybe not…πŸ’­

  1. Very well said Shruti. The problem is our expectations have increased. One should accept every relation as it is with, every person as he or she is without trying to make them act or behave the way we wish to. Every soul has his or her karmas and will act accoringly. If you have two cds and if you want the two cds should play songs of the other, it is not possible, each will play its own songs. In life also we do the same.


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