Things that go around…? ðŸ’­

​So I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff lately. Right from what sitcom am I going to watch tomorrow to some serious matters concerning my country’s current tremulous relations with it’s neighbouring country and let’s not forget the uproar of feminism(or shall I say feminazi? Cause that’s what it’s turned into in many cases unfortunately.) or representation of the LGBT community’s sentiments.

While I have some conflicting and not yet fully comprehensible answers for the former issue(it probably has to do with the fact that although I’m aware of my country’s history, there are a lot of things about politics and terrorism that I don’t understand or rather don’t try to) and so I don’t think I’m qualified to make an opinion. But the latter, is something that I think I can at least voice my opinion about and it is completely okay if readers don’t agree. First, let me clarify that I am a feminist. Though what  I don’t comprehend about this feminist agenda is how millennials are taking out their brunt on social media which most of the times is just silly and pointless. To add fuel to the fire, the current media rage just blows any little thing out of proportions, be it a comment made on a show or to a reporter or even a tweet! 

The feminist movement has turned into a feminazi propaganda and many of the youth who deliberate on social media, don’t even correctly understand the definition of feminism. Yes, feminism means advocating women’s rights on the grounds of Equality of sexes( more stress on equality). But what it seems to me now a days is that the internet is exploding with support for feminism but at times belittling the XY gene and that my friends, is where the problem lies. There is a fine line between equality and claiming superiority and sadly,I’m afraid we might be becoming what we are trying so hard to fight. 

Also, what recently caught my attention was an article where I read that Miley Cyrus apparently didn’t like the name of the show “Supergirl”, justifying her statement that what if a little boy wanted to be one? And while that might sound legit to an extent, my question is that why does every time something has to represent you or how you feel. The article even talked about how our superheroes have been stereotyped into only a male and female gender. What about the sentiments of the LGBT. And while I totally support the LGBT, I don’t get why should classic comics which have created characters way before our time, should necessarily alter their existing characters? You want some character to represent you? That’s great. You can probably ask them to create new ones that perfectly resonate a community’s sentiments but asking to change an already existing character is ridiculous! It’s like asking an already existing(more stress on existing) person to change their avatar and maybe even their sexual preferences just to suit someone else’s needs.

Now tell me isn’t that what we were fighting for in the first place?

Superheroes inspire goodness, bravery and patriotism. So why make a deal about what sexual preferences they should have? And who said something or someone has to necessarily represent you for you to take inspiration? I mean, for all intents and purposes, Steve Jobs, Jennifer Aniston or your favourite music band or any success story for that matter, are NOT relatable to you; sometimes they do but remotely. But does that mean they stop inspiring you? To make my point clear, is a bisexual Captain America going to do any better job at inspiring rightoeusness in you than he already is? 

It’s because of their journey of hard work and failures and the highs that they’ve reached, light the fire in you and not their sexual preferences. In fact, because of the very differences between them and you, you are all the more motivated to achieve that for yourself or at least tread on that same path to reach new highs for yourself. 

Now if you equate the two situations, I think there is little left to explain.


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