This is not the story we don’t know, but the one we often forget…

The life of a soldier is beyond doubt a very difficult one, one that we as civilians possibly cannot fathom.

I’ve attempted to put up something here, hoping that it not just moves my readers but that it also stays with them.. Hope you guys like it

Reminiscing with their photo in my hand, I let out a cry,

And their sounds of laughter resonated in every sigh

As sleep finally found my weary eyes,

Kabooom came the sound that marked my sunrise

With it came fear, not the fear of death, 

But fear of not being able to say I love them,before my last breath

With the blood spilling on both sides,

Alone at the altar, I had to leave my bride

The seven vows I had taken,

Now seemed to shaken

Amid the chaos and the unheard cries of my brothers,

I had to stand my ground with vigour

With the fervour of patriotism and heroism,

From back home, I could hear the cries of fainted optimism

As my child gazed at the school gate with waiting eyes,

My heart ached for I might not even get to say my goodbyes

I don’t regret it, for I’d do this a thousand times over if I had to,

If only for a second more I could go back to see my child turn two

For I continue to fight for everything I hold dear,

My people are engaging in useless debates I fear

We don’t want their sympathy,

Just wish we had their empathy

For every moment they spend with their beloveds,

We hope to know what it’s like to be loved;   again

Their love is hollow and biased, we don’t say

For we all have our own parts to play

Now don’t get me wrong,

Because patriotism is not just a song,

It is lyrics that are imprinted in our heart
With the blood of my brothers in my hands,
I take one more step forward for my homeland

It felt like the very land we were fighting for,

Was ready to embrace us in her arms, her children of war

I don’t regret it, for I’d do it a thousand times over

Because I’d rather take a bullet in my heart,

Than to see this Mother fall apart,
Fading away into the enemy’s sway


17 thoughts on “This is not the story we don’t know, but the one we often forget…

  1. Touched deeply !!!! And felt silence as and when started reading ur poem ahead… touched that deep in my heart !! Ur every article written makes me feel proud to be your sister !! Loads of blessings on you…may u go far far ahead in all what u do !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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