A journey to the centre of your soul?…πŸ’­

She was constantly running away, not necessarily from people or things, but primarily her own self. She knew life wasn’t meant to be lived that way but she couldn’t learn to let go. Let go of her shackles, she’d built around herself. 
She pondered why did she do this to herself. After all, one can only be freed from oneself when they want to. And she wanted to that so bad but somehow couldn’t bare her soul out in front of anyone. Her soul harkened to her. To do  something. Anything

 And she did, over time. She always spoke about soaring high like our winged friends. But what she didn’t realise that she had cut her own wings. How could she fly then?

It was a lesson she learnt when life happened to her. She came to know that it was only the journey that one makes inwards that will help break free those bonds. Because it’s very important to understand your self first before expecting anyone else to. When you are at peace with yourself, with all your scars and glories; when you’re happy with this version of yourself that you’ve created, can you imagine to share that peace and happiness with anyone else. And this person can be anyone, your friends,family, your partner. 
Because in this life, it’s very essential you find a soulmate and like I’ve said before, that could be anyone. But first, you’ve got to be your own soulmate. 

A few days ago, I saw one of my friends quoting, “Loneliness is overrated. If everyone around you can have a good time with you, then you can have an excellent time knowing yourself and doing what you love.” And while at first I couldn’t quite comprehend her perspective, but eventually when I did, could I really appreciate what she’d written. 

So yes, I’d stress on that point too. It’s true I believe the way to release yourself from yourself is to take a walk back inwards but in doing so, do not forget to cherish the company of all the good people and things in your life. Because in the end, freedom can only be rejoiced when shared with others. And that’s exactly why you took a journey inwards in the first place.


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