You and I…❤💭

Sitting in that empty room,

Trying to get rid of the gloom

I swear I could hear my heart beating,

In perfect rhythm with the clock’s ticking; reminding me that time was fleeting


All the years gone by,

Making a colorful picture in front of my eyes


Trying to figure out,

What this is all about


How did we end up like this?

Why did we let each other become somebody that we used to know..?


We could blame it all on the circumstances, for all we care

But when we face ourselves in the mirror, we dare not lie


Because who are we lying to?

We can lie to each other,

But how will you meet eyes with yourself after everything that you’ve put me through?

And after everything I did to you?

No one wants to be the one to bend,

This vicious circle might just never end


Are you ready to let this stop you as the red lights flash?

Or do you want to take a step back, and walk that path again, together?

These are words I dare not say to you,

But it’s written all over your face; and mine..


No one said it was easy, but damn I didn’t expect life to be so ruthless

But maybe even this is all in the grand scheme of things,

Because a little faith is all that’s needed

And maybe some remnants of the love we shared, because love never dies

It might take different forms but in essence it will never fade…


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