She wanted to be….πŸ’«πŸ’­πŸ‘Ό

She wanted to live like birds. Free, with not a care in the world and fly. Not unaware of the unknown. But inconspicuous to the fact.

She also wanted to live like a nomad. Not because she hated the city. But she wanted to see what was so special about being homeless. Not that she hated her home; she loved it in fact. But she wanted to see if she could find a home in different places and/or people.

She also wanted to completely dedicate some time of her life to her folks; to her family. She lived with them already, but she wanted to just live for them, once. How does it feel to revolve your life around your beloveds? Not that she didn’t enjoy her freedom, but she knew there’s a certain kind of joy to being around your parents and family when they need you. Because you get to die knowing that that smile they had on their faces was because of you.

She wanted to go on adventures too. Backpacking, solo tripping; you name it and she was always up for it. She wanted to go to the world’s most exotic places. Sometimes alone and sometimes just wanted to see the last of the sun rays holding someone’s hand.
She always dreamt big. Sometimes, so big that she could wrap the whole sky around in them.( of course not literally, but you know what I mean πŸ˜…) She was fierce and wanted to face her fears headstrong.

She wanted to do all of this and she probably could have been all of it, if people didn’t always tell her what she should do and what she couldn’t. Today, as she saw someone aspiring to be Sunita Williams or someone idolising Maria Sharapova or Sania Mirza and young girls talking about women like Indira Nooyi, she knew that her world had grown into a better place. Yes, it sure still had its imperfections, still had mysoginistic tendencies. But that didn’t solely control a girl’s life, her ambitions and dreams were not now shattered to bits. Yes, it is still a long way from changing every girl’s life but surely, someone somewhere has started doing something right and her heart swamped with emotions as she saw her daughter living a life completely different from hers.


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