There’s still time..

I looked into your eyes and all I could see was questions,

But if you dared to look into mine, you’d see the depth of an ocean!


We’ve been down this way not long ago,

And found our way back to each other, you know


We go round and round,

When will there be a turnaround?


I wish you could comprehend my feelings as I saw you stray away, for no reason

Not that you don’t know it, you just don’t think it’s treason


Anything; anything you tell me I’ll do,

But just let me in, so I can be set free too


I built a castle of dreams; for you and me,

But you just won’t let it be


Don’t be so adamant; love,

Why can’t we be like those doves, you fancy so much?


I know I’m not perfect, and I know you don’t want perfect either

So why are you letting it all wither?


Baby, I’ve been waiting here for you just round the corner, fighting fate

All you’ve gotta do is show some faith


There’s still time before this bridge collapses,

Let’s still mend our fences before the time lapses


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