Was it the start of something new?                                                               Only time will tell…💫💭

He had made up his mind, he wasn’t going to keep looking this time

And so had she, she had decided she was going to walk with an open heart this time

Oblivious to each other, the first moment just passed them by

And so did the second, and the third..

But then one day, she caught herself admiring him ruffling his hair,

And he couldn’t help but stop and stare in awe as she laughed her heart out

In a sea full of people, hundreds of pairs of eyes looking at them,

But when their eyes met, something happened; for the first time

Maybe a spark? 
She knew her heart skipped a beat the next time their hands touched

And he decided to just shrug it off because he was too scared to feel anything again

She liked to call him names, pulling his leg, every now and then

And he wouldn’t let go one chance of mocking her
There was a certain charm to it all,

And it was no rocket science for them to not understand it

But they chose not to, at least for the while

They could feel that charisma build up, but too scared to share it
It might take a while, but when do good things ever come quick?

It was but only a matter of hearts,
And when two hearts  collide, it’s difficult to make sense of quite literally anything

Their story had just begun, with so many songs still unsung, so many words still unspoken

Even then a lot was already spoken,because they forgot that their eyes were the door to their soul. Eyes don’t require brain’s permission to communicate.
So who will win? His fear of being left alone again, or her determination to wear her heart on the sleeve? 

His secret attachment will win over or her insecurities shelved away in deep drawers of her heart? 

Will his muse become something more? Or will her fear take over her heart? 

Only time will tell…


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