The story that continues…ā¤šŸ’«

There is a sort of restlessness that was surrounding her. She often spent hours wondering if he felt the same kind of restlessness too. She wanted to say a lot of things and she probably did too, in her own subtle and yet quite conspicuous ways. Did he pick up those hints or did he simply just didn’t care enough to notice? She kept thinking. Yearning to know.

Little did she know that the grass on the other side was lurking underneath similar shadows.

As he was strumming his guitar, he could swear he saw her face flashing before his eyes. He tried to beat this insane feeling by playing till his fingers bled but he didn’t realise he was fighting a losing battle.

In time he might realise that his desire to lose this battle had far outweighed his will to win it. But then again, maybe not?

Now she didn’t quite like not knowing. She liked to be in control of things. Uncertainty wasn’t her best friend. But since she didn’t really have any other options, she decided to befriend this uncertainty that had her engulfed.

And he; he decided to let fate play its game, because he was too broken to get played this time again.

So they talked to each other everyday. Obscure to the effect it had on both of them. She embraced this uncertainty like it was her best friend while he too, just went with the flow.
They didn’t know where this friendship would lead them. But they did know this. That they’ll always have a shoulder to cry on and a riot of laughter to light up their hearts in each other.

They were treading on thin ice. Two friends walking a path they’ve known, but not quite knowing where it’s going to leave them. Leave them alone or together?

Well, only time can tell…šŸ’•


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