The foolish heart 💔

There’s this restlessness that I feel

Even when before God, I kneel

I can’t shake it, seems like it’s got under my skin

Don’t know when this will end, just hope it doesn’t break me from within

It’s not like I fear losing something

Because I behold nothing,

And yet I fear all the same

So many things are left unsaid

Wondering if they’ll ever get a chance to get out of my head

Even the little words that were said

Still make my face turn red

It’s like I’m holding on to a delicate thread

Oblivious to what it might do to me in the end

Maybe I should just let this slip away

Before it takes me down too, in its sway

But this foolish heart never listens

Maybe it’s just got used to being in this prison

Waiting for the stars to one day shine brighter than ever

When it’ll finally get its ” happy forever”


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