Why, as we grow up, do we silently succumb into other people’s perceptions of us?

Why, as we grow up, do we bury ourselves underneath other people’s expectations of us?

Social media is flooded with posts like “somewhere between ____ & ____ , we all grow up”

And while growing up is only natural, why have we let it also kill our innocence, that happy go lucky child in us?

As kids, we had so many dreams, we wanted to shoot for the stars

And of course that was unrealistic, maybe for most of us

But that never stopped us from dreaming

Why, as we grow up, do we put a full stop to it? 

Why do we only open up hearts and spill out our innate desires, only when drowned in the modern day “amrut”?

Is it really so difficult to actually have a heart to heart talk with people? 

Well it probably is, but you’ll never know unless you try!.

So instead of staring at your screens and resenting the fact that you’ve grown up

Go talk to that person next you or make that text or phone call you’ve been detaing to make for months. Take that road trip with your friends, spend some time with your parents, learn that hobby you’ve spent years contemplating about. Dream, dream with your eyes closed, or eyes wide open. And don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are too big. Because even if they are, they are yours and yours alone and nobody can take that away from you 😇

And maybe somewhere between today and tomorrow, when you realise you’ve grown up, maybe you’ll even stop and smile, and have a moment to yourself, knowing that you even found some happiness along the way 💫


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