It wasn’t enough

He wanted to love her, the same way she wanted him to

She wanted his love, his warmth, his affection, his all

But his heart was just not ready to take the fall

He thought he could give her his all

But all he could give her was a phone call

She was his friend, was all he could see

To him, It was all that they could be

She had built a castle of dreams, only for her to see

But when her castle broke into pieces

He tried so hard to mend it,

For she was his best friend, his soul mate

And yet that still wasn’t enough


15 thoughts on “It wasn’t enough

  1. Hahaha arey nothing like that.. Everyone has their own reasons to marry. As long as one is completely aware why they are marrying and are okay with it, then it shouldn’t be a problem 🙂 please don’t say sorry! I was a little stuck up with studying so didn’t have the time to respond to the question at the time ✌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh sorry 🙂
      when you get free time-


      1. Toh phir reply kyu nahi diya?maybe it was a tough question?Everybody has their own reason to marry and not marry?


      2. sorry friend.i had a feeling you will have an interesting reply to the marriage can delete all my comments 🙂


      1. shruti can i ask you something?i know the answer varies according to their own interests 🙂
        How long should a person(male or female) study?-till he get a job,is it necessary that along with making good money we should help the poor?sometimes no matter how much we study,we cannot understand life right?
        just some random thoughts.Answer only if you are interested,otherwise you can delete this 🙂


      2. Well I think one can study as long as they want to, important thing being that they want to. It might not be necessary to help the poor but it’s a great way to lead life if you can share what little you can with the less privileged because I believe it’s such deeds that make a difference in your life 😇 (but that’s just my view point; you could choose not to). But with regards to understanding life, I don’t think studying is really essential for that. For understanding life, you gather as many experiences while you can and some healthy introspection will enable to you to do that. No amount of studies will teach you what you learn when life itself happens to you. Keeping an open mind and ready to accept other’s perspectives can help do it better 😊

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      3. sorry if that was a stupid question 🙂
        if we want to continue our family blood line or traits,marriage is needed.fair enough right? 🙂


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