The world mourns you ðŸ˜žðŸ’”

This is a small tribute to Chester Bennington, the man who literally blared through my earphones over the years and changed what music meant to me. You will forever live on in our hearts through your music. Thank you for this gift.

They say music heals your heart

And why not, after all it is art

You displayed your demons through your songs

And told millions that they too belonged

You sang, you screamed, you put it all out there

Making us one with you, while we let our speakers blare

We never had the chance to know you

And yet this loss that we feel is 100% true

“Maybe your mind left you powerless, which is why it let your demons crawling in

Maybe sometimes goodbye’s the only way

I hope that wherever you are, you get to see your thousand suns
You left a million hearts in pieces, the people closest to you are left numb,

But leaving out all the rest, 

Remember that in the end, it did matter

Because when they came for you, with you;  went out one more light”

We love you Chester ❤

PS: Picture courtesy – Google images


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