And it was just one if those days… ðŸ’­

So while returning at the end of a rather weird day where I couldn’t pin point what was bothering me really; walking at the most busiest station in the city – probably one of the most busiest stations of the country! The seamless number of people just creeping out of nowhere literally got me thinking.

How all of those people, returning home after a long day, some joyous for the upcoming weekend, some rather disappointed for havinh to go to work tomorrow on a national holiday when everyone would be celebrating at home, some fired from their jobs, some hired for a new job, some cracking their first deal on their new venture, some returning to an empty home with no one waiting for them while some wishing they would reach just in time to kiss good night to their kids while some going for their very first date or some going through a heartbreak! How everyone has some or the other battle or milestone event that they can’t wait to celebrate while some would silently wipe their tears and pray to the Almighty to put an end to their dark hour.

Just then I realised, how could I be upset for something that I don’t even know is bothering me? How could I let some weird unconscious thought ruin my state of mind? But as they say no point crying over spilt milk, I am going back home with a hopeful thought for a happier tomorrow. And you know what, that’s exactly what it’s going to be tomorrow. Happy


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