About Shruti

I’m a Chartered Accountant and pursuing further studies in finance. 

But that’s just one aspect of me. What I am is much more, like every one of you and yet not very much like most( at least I’d like to think that :p) in many areas.

I was not someone who loved to read and write from the very beginning! Heck, my books from library period never saw the light of day in school but then one day when I was in eighth grade, for the first time, read a book; more like a booklet. It was the smallest book I’d ever read( it’s a shame I don’t remember the name)

But then there was no going back and I think once I began to read, my writing followed soon enough. But it was only till after my CA exams which is almost a decade later that I decided to write. Not just for myself but also for others to read. It was a long time coming but I didn’t know just how happy it was going to make me back then.

So this is my story and I hope you enjoy your time here πŸ™‚